• Admission Procedure & Eligibility
  • Eligibility
  • Rules & Regulations

Registration for admission commences in January to March every year. In the event of vacancies available in higher classes, students will be considered for admission based on an entrance test. A school diary with calendar of events spanning the entire year is made available to all students at the beginning of the year.

Nursery: Children who have completed three years of age on 1st June are eligible for Nursery. For all other classes the corresponding age is taken into account for admission.

  • Students who are not in proper school uniform will not be allowed in the classroom. But after two such instances, they will be sent home without prior intimation. Students not adhering to rule regarding uniform are liable for suspension.
  • Students are answerable to the school authorities for their conduct, both inside and outside the school. Misbehaviour in and out of the school, irregular attendance, absence without permission, disobedience and discourtesy to the staff, are sufficient reasons for dismissal.
  • Students who have absented themselves without prior sanction of leave, will not be allowed in the classroom without the Principal’s written permission
  • Students must maintain “SILENCE” while walking along the corridors, using the stairs and while going to the Laboratory / Library / other rooms.
  • The school does not accept responsibility for loss of money and valuable articles of the students. Students are advised not to bring them to school.
  • The medium of instruction being English, all students should speak only in English during school hours.
  • Any damage done to school property by a student can lead to his dismissal.
  • Presents to members of staff require previous sanction of the Principal.
  • Students must keep the school premises clean. Litter must be thrown only in the litterbins