Bachelor of Education (B Ed.)

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Community Living Camp & Excursion
  • Teaching Practice

The Bachelor of Education is a professional degree which provides students with the opportunity to complete secondary teacher training by combining the academic study of Education and other university subjects with specialist studies of Education. It is a nationally and internationally recognized qualification for teachers wanting to specialize in Education. Personal qualities including Confidence, Maturity and Commitment and Good Communication. Students who enter this course of study will be able to take advantage of the facilities both campuses offer, as well as the knowledge, skills and expertise of high quality, informative and innovative lecturers and professional tutors. Students will develop skills hich will equip them for employment as teachers and in a wide range of other professions.

  • Each student teacher has to compulsorily participate and submit a report on his participation in a 4 days community living camp exclusively conducted at a rural place by the college. The CLC should aim at fostering qualities like collective work, co- operative living, fellow feeling, like minded towards rural culture etc. among student teachers. The college shall arrange to have such activities n CLC that foster the above orientations. Student-teacher must compulsorily participate in CLC. CLC can be conducted during first semester.

  • Each college shall conduct an excursion for a minimum period of 3 days to visit places of educational, historical cultural and technical importance. Each student-teacher must compulsorily take part in the excursion and submit a report to the college. Excursion can be conducted during Second Semester.
  • Every student-teacher shall prepare 12+1 lesson plans in each C.C.M subject which are to be guided and approved by the concerned method master. The marks of best 5 lessons could be taken for awarding marks to practice in teaching.

  • Practice teaching shall be in one block or spread over-type depending upon the convenience of the college with a minimum duration of 6 weeks.